I have been involved in various forms of art-making and photography all my life. Nearly anything photographic, including digital and film slideshows, black and white darkroom, hand-painted silver prints, Polaroid transfer and Photoshop, has been a passion for me at one time or another.

    The landscape, the body, and botanicals are the subjects I photograph most often. When I make images in Nature, I don’t think of it as “nature photography”. I look for unusual shapes in natural elements, contrasts in the light and shadows that create space and volume. I like finding something a bit out of line with the normal look of things. Photography is always about making choices.

    Living in the diverse environment of Hawaii provides inspiration and often is a starting point to consider other ways of perceiving a subject. I look for an essential quality in the subject so that I come to know it in a way that is deeper than seeing . The resulting image might be completely non-representational.

    After many years of using film and making silver prints, I began to use digital equipment. I now photograph primarily with digital cameras and accept the expanded creative options that Photoshop offers.

    Prints are available by contacting me through this website. Visitors are also welcome to come to my annual open studio sale in Volcano, Hawaii, held each November on Thanksgiving weekend. I am a member of the Volcano Village Artists Hui and the Hilo Photography Club.

    In 2006, my husband, Ken Goodrich and I founded Hawaii Photo Retreat. We specialize in personalized Hawaii Island photo tours and instruction for photographers of all levels.

    September, 2010